Get ready for The Important day

Sofya KazakovaComment

Valentine’s Day is nearly here, and flower shops everywhere are preparing to create and deliver the millions of bouquets that will be exchanged. Dragonfly Flowers is no exception – we are ready to help you to send all the love you feel this year.

Here at Dragonfly Flowers we are stocking up to bring you a truly amazing and unique opportunity to give that special someone the floral gift that they won't soon forget.

Red roses are the classic flower of romance on Valentine’s Day but what if you go absolutely different way this year? There are lots and lots of colours and varieties of flowers available can be wonderful expressions of love to everyone in your life. May be you choose to send live plants or even terrariums; we will present it such way it is going to send the message that recipients are important to you.

Moreover, your loved one could choose the gift by her/his own with our Gift card!

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity for you to lavish love affection on everyone you love. Call Dragonfly Flowers today to order the gifts and flowers that will bring that smile you love so much to their face. And don’t forget that we deliver Melbourne wide.

Please take a moment to browse the web site and don't forget that you can always call the shop at (03) 9510 6402 or email info@dragonflyflowers.com.au and speak to a florist who will ensure the care and effort that goes into you're special gift will never be forgotten.

P.S.: One more small but important detail - attach a small card because this is Valentine's Day all about) isn’t it very romantic to be able to reread words of love again and again? I'm sure it is)) we’ve got beautiful handmade cards in stock


And Happy Valentine's Day!!!



Its as if everyone wants to look up these days.  We have been getting more and more requests to create hanging arches made up of cascading flowers and foliage.  
At the start of this month we worked with a lovely customer to bring to life her orchid arch.  We clustered together Asparagus foliage and let the purple orchids shine as they elegantly hung upside down from the foliage. 
We are so enjoying doing these jobs, so keep em coming!  All colours, all shapes and feelings can be created but the girls at Dragonfly Flowers & Designs.  

We hope your month has been going well and you have been enjoying the sun shine as much as we have. 




We have had some beautiful things in lately.  Large Fiddle Figs, Peace Lily's and deep colored flowers orchids, roses and foliage.  Enjoy!